Quality Policy : 


Modern Eastern hereby states its Quality Policy by means of this document, in a manner consistent with its business activity, products and industry environment, for the purpose of establishing the company’s quality objectives and goals.

The Quality Policy is based on the following principles:

1. To develop our organization in a consistent manner in order to respond appropriately to the current and future state of the market.

2. To be committed to meeting the demands, requirements, and expectations applicable to all stakeholders.

3. To provide service in close collaboration with the customer in order to build a lasting relationship. To meet all requirements and needs during the sales process and during the useful life of the products that we sell.

4. To produce, provide and market top-quality products and services.

5. To define and control all of the company’s business processes and to constantly follow up on these processes, with the commitment of providing continuous improvement.

6. To disseminate the company’s values: Our values represent a robust set of shared beliefs and behaviors that unite us and guide our every action.

INTEGRITY: We act with absolute integrity, honesty, and responsibility in everything we do: We are honest and sincere in the commitments we enter into with others.

We take responsibility for our individual actions, in order to strengthen our good reputation and meet the needs of our customers, employees and all other stakeholders. We seek to become ever more reliable and trustworthy.

TEAMWORK: We build lasting relationship by working closely with our customers. We convey trust to all stakeholders and collaborators by seeking a shared vision and common goals, sharing risks, work, and rewards.

RESPECT: We treat one another and our environment with respect: At all times and in every situation, we treat people fairly, courteously, and with dignity. In this way we are able to create an atmosphere of mutual respect as we demonstrate our commitment to security, equality and diversity.

WINNING SPIRIT: We work and strive at all times to achieve excellence: We want to be better, we are never satisfied with anything less than excellence. We are never satisfied with the status quo. We like what we do, we like to compete, and we like to win.

SPEED: We are agile in serving our customers, we respond quickly and effectively. We understand that in today's environment time is the most valuable commodity and we strive to deliver our goods and services within the time frames we agreed.